MadWorld soundtrack info

MadWorld soundtrack info

One of the developers at Platinum Games has put up a blog post discussing music used in MadWorld. There are a total of 20 tracks used, all of them original pieces of work created for the game. Among the artists are:

  • Ox
  • Doujah Raze
  • Sick YG
  • Bandy Leggz
  • Wordsmith
  • S.O.U.L Purpose
  • Optimus

Names you haven't heard before in all likelihood, I know I hadn't. All of the names above have Myspace pages, some of the tracks are shown off in this video:

The soundtrack CD is available as a free gift when you preorder MadWorld from certain stores.

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Jack said:

How can you get the soundtrack without the game?


Roxas said:

As far as I know you can't. I am looking for it myself but am having no luck.


Ivan said:

Same here, been looking but none. Only time I had a chance was ebay, and it was more than $50.


Evan said:

They should sell the sountrack. It is totally worth buying.


Quinn said:

They should put it on rhapsody and itunes ext.


gerv said:

Yo I got it, my boy's girlfriend found it, 20 tracks.


answr said:

Guys it's coming out on June 30th. So look all you want you won't find it until then.


Yangy said:

It's a great soundtrack, don't worry, I'm sure someone will upload them onto a site.


hidden said:

Good news you can get it but it costs like $10 online if you want it. I looked for it on isohunt, no luck.

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