Mega Man 9 first footage

Mega Man 9 first footage

The first video of Mega Man 9 (known as Rockman in the east) in action has been released.

Long-time character designer Keiji Inafune has confirmed this will be taking Mega Man right back to his roots, scrapping his fancier moves of later games in favor of the more simplistic style of Mega Man 2.

"There are many gamers who claim Mega Man 2 is their absolute favorite of all. I took this as an indication that Mega Man is not all about the moves. The beauty of Mega Man actually lies in its simplicity and a fine mixture of simple gameplay, puzzle-like thrill of maneuvering tricks at the last minute, and battles".

The video has some Japanese scribbles over it, but still, enjoy.

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Rags said:

So no Charge Shots and Slide? Ah well. Still looks awesome.


Ferox said:

WHEN. Did they give a release date yet?


Master Foot said:

No slide?! I know that Capcom is trying to keep it classic but come on! In my opinion, that's what kept the gameplay fast and the boss battles challenging. Then again Fire Man was IMPOSSIBLE to beat perfect.


Gaming said:

This looks pretty cool. I'm wondering when it's coming.


Vectorben said:

This is a scam.

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