Mega Man 9 trailer

Mega Man 9 trailer

Classic Mega Man is back, in the year 20XX no less. The first English trailer for Mega Man 9 has now been made available.

It shows off a few of the new gameplay mechanics and enemies, including a robot elephant and dragon. Those damn robots, they're always going wild. ROBOT HOUSE!

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Gum said:

Damned. It's no longer exclusive to WiiWare.


Sariku said:

It's no longer WiiWare Exclusive.


YoshLee said:

GRR to believe I actually thought capcom would keep their promise. I still like the company but I can't believe they could be such dang TRAITORS.


LT11 said:

Oh come on! Those other consoles didn't even start megaman.


Brawl said:

Good Futurama reference.


filipedyfolpedyflu said:

Ow! Headache from that horrible midi.


Master Foot said:

They lied! I'm not surprised though because for the most part, console exclusivity is a thing of the past. If Capcom's plan is to breath new life into the Blue Bomber, then releasing it only on WiiWare will not be a good idea. I will probably get it on Wii instead of PS3 and I'm hoping that they make the game with optional 16:9 instead of just 4:3. I know that they want to make it retro, but it doesn't have to be retro to the point of no 16:9.


B Darius said:

Why in the hell did it go back to the NES sprites and music?

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Shadow said:

Capcom why?! You bring us a new megaman game, true to the series, but then you slap us in the face with the first non-exclusive WiiWare game and a non-exclusive game in general.


Seth said:

Oh Capcom, you just love making me cry, don't you?


AHH said:

On wiiware it says titles only found here XD. I guess this one shows a loophole.

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