Mega Man 9 exclusive to WiiWare

Mega Man 9 exclusive to WiiWare

A few days ago we reported that an 8-bit retro-styled Mega Man 9 was coming to WiiWare. It's now been confirmed by Capcom that they have no plans to bring it out on other systems. Score!

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Heyweevil said:

Uhh didn't wikipedia say it'll be on Xbox live and PSN. Although those guys are getting Bionic Commando so this seems fair.


david k said:

Please tell me what difference it makes to Wii owners if it were exclusive or not? So who cares? And why?


FriedFish said:

Wikipedia is never reliable so don't believe anything; at least that's what my teacher says. Otherwise, good news.



I have all 3 of the new systems so it does not matter to me, but mega man started on Nintendo only consoles so why not honor that. I have the whole original series and x series complete in box and the both mega man collections on gc so 9 will be a treat! One would wish for a disc release but with the size of a nes game on a disc I guess I can settle for wiiware.


Mr Friend said:

While I agree with your sentiment david k, I will suggest a reason that people might be glad to hear MM9 is a Wii exclusive. A game that is exclusive to a console is good for owners of that console if it causes more people to buy that console (as opposed to being able to play it on any console). More console sales means that more games will be developed for that console. That paragraph is hard to follow, but basically it's why Nintendo doesn't release Mario Galaxy for the Xbox.


Master Foot said:

I'm a bit apprehensive about true 8 bit graphics keeping it classic is still cool. In my opinion, they would have to make it up with some serious 8-bit compositions that will rival that of the first three MM games.


Diddy Kong Lover said:

The more console exclusives the better, especially good ones. People complain about Wii's lack of good exclusives (Sony fanboys the most), if Wii gets more hardcore exclusives, Wii will look as balanced as it is intended instead of a crap/casual system like GayStation's Poo, I mean PS2.


Ian C said:

Woo-hoo take that BS network and xbroken live, go Mega Man.


LegatoSkyheart said:

So does this make "Megaman X" "Megaman 10" now?


BlackMan said:

Why not make it at least 16-bit? It looks so dated. Typical Capcom laziness.


blab355 said:

Sweet! I've been waiting for this for a while, but never though they'd actually do it 8-bit. I hope it was as good as 2, that was always my favorite.


SSB fan said:

Good news: Megaman 9 will feature Pay to play features, Megaman returns to its roots, online leaderboard is featured, first female Robot Masters, very difficult game, new plot although it is similar to the old one, long intro, and able to take off Megaman helmet and let his hair flow. Bad news: 8-bit graphics, loss of sliding ability, and unable to charge your Mega Blast.

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