Mater's Power Pros

Mater's Power Pros

US box arts fresh from the... field. Here's the sequel to Cars, Cars Mater-National.

That's his intelligent look.

Next, blobby baseball sim MLB Power Pros.

Go go Powerpuff Girls. I mean, Pros.

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wiiiii said:

Ha ha I loved the bottom caption here's another caption: Attack Of The Genetically Enhanced My Sims.


Scooby Jew said:

Cars was a terrible movie and Powerpro Girls seems pretty accurate.


Nintendoof said:

Those Power Pros look like they're from My Sims. Oh yeah and MaterNational? Talk about corny.


wiidude99 said:

The pros look like miis except they are really basic.


Unknown said:


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Nova said:

I don't think these are on my list.


kareshi is black said:

Mlb power pros is an old Japanese game. I wonder where they found the idea of releasing this series here.


Gonzo said:

I don't like Power Pros. The Bigs is better. I want to be playing with realistic players. Not blobby players.


r3y-r3y said:

I want mlb power pros.

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