MLB Power Pros

Published by 2K, Developed by Konami

Genres: Sports

US release date: Oct 2nd, 2007 | EU release date: -

MLB Power Pros



Very good

The Power Pros series has finally made its way onto American shores. Praised in Japan for its brilliant combination of fun gameplay and insane stat-tracking, the game has been given an MLB face-lift by 2K sports. There's so much depth to Power Pros that it's tough to full review

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User comments


Keelan said:

I've read before that this game will have online play.


Cyber said:

Hey, those are a bunch of chibi. AWESOME.


Zelda-dude said:

Reminds me of goombas.


Splintercell4ever said:

Wow, that is so realistic. Johan Santana and Ryan Howard look exactly like each other in real life. Rich and spoiled.


Kobe babe said:

I think it will work and be a cool game.


Goosenapper said:

I have Power Pro Baseball 4 (I think, it is in Japanese after all!) for my Super Famicom, and it is a very fun game. We are in for a real treat if this is indeed a spin-off of that Japanese series.


Takeshi said:

Sold 15 million copies in Japan, going to be a classic.


ChriZ said:

What about a PAL release of this game


yippeekyeaay said:

Wow this game is fun but I'm disappointed it doesn't have the option to switch the commentary to Japanese (English one gets a little too repetitive and boring after a while) even though it says it does in the manual.


Slazz said:

It's really a good baseball game. The stadiums are dead on and the game has great depth with success mode and season mode. You can edit everything on the players and create arranged teams all you want. Don't let the goofy but cute characters fool you. It's a very good baseball game.


Question said:

What does e res mean in mlb power pros? (it's a skill in success mode).


allen said:

How do you create a player on this? When I try it won't let me it says no players available and I really want to.


WILLIE said:

Is there a trick to get the two player mode to work. We are new to the game and the Wii and can't get this game to accept a second controller? Thanks.


Papasmack said:

Having trouble connecting second Wii controller for two player mode.

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