Mochi Mochi Boy out on Friday

Mochi Mochi Boy out on Friday

Puzzle antics

Publishers Ratalaika Games and developers PixelTeriyaki are pleased to announced that cutesy puzzle game Mochi Mochi Boy is releasing on the Nintendo eShop this Friday, July 19th.

Solve puzzles and rescue your slime friends!

Mochi Mochi Boy has to rescue his friends from the Devil! In order to do this, you must be clever enough to outwit the devil by stretching, twisting, and warping over each tile past 130+ floors of his tower. Be careful though, once you move over a tile, you can't go where you've already been! Twist carefully for hidden dangers like spikes, bombs, spring traps, and monsters in the devilish dungeon mode.

Customize Mochi Mochi Boy's appearance in the paint area and admire all of his gooey friends in the gallery.

  • 138 floors to conquer in story tower mode of intricate puzzle platforming challenges.
  • 10 randomly generated floors in dungeon mode.
  • Customize Mochi Mochi Boy's colour in paint mode.
  • Collect over 100 slime friends and view them in the gallery.
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