Monster Hunter 3 boosts Wii sales

Monster Hunter 3 boosts Wii sales

Over in Japan, the release of Monster Hunter 3 has given Wii console sales a real shot in the arm. The game, which achieved a perfect 40/40 score in Famitsu magazine, sold 520,000 units in its first two days of being available.

    July 27th - August 2nd (2009)
  1. Nintendo Wii - 95,357
  2. Nintendo DS - 85,737
  3. Sony PSP - 33,049
  4. Sony PS3 - 8,760
  5. MS Xbox 360 - 3,552
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wiiboy101 said:

Tad late with this news guys, a bit of political correctness didn't want sony fans offended, he. Wii out sells ps3 10/1 and was outselling ps3/x360 combined before MH3 hit. I think this will continue for weeks, red DSi will help keep DSi way ahead also. Black Wii and new super mario Wii for Christmas release in the west. Bring it Nintendo.


Mischief Shadow said:

Not surprised, Monster Hunter is a best selling franchise and one of my favorites. Plus have you seen the game. Graphics, gameplay, online, etc. 40/40 is what it deserves. Makes me proud to have picked up the original game so many years ago. This game can't come fast enough.

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