Monster Hunter 3

Published by Capcom, Developed by Capcom

Genres: Action

US release date: - | EU release date: -

Monster Hunter 3


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User comments


Buzzshow said:

Hells yeah! No Diablos can withstand the mighty hunter of Wii.


DragonFoxCoon said:

It looks pretty, but will those lush graphics make it to the Wii?


a wii gamer said:

Those graphics are good, looks like oblivion almost?


Senpai said:

I no longer hate you Capcom! Man I thought I was going to have to pay $80 for this on ps3.


kareshi is black said:

It's for the best of the game, Ps3 would have only made it fail. Poor Sony.



Hah. Sony was stupid with releasing the PS3 around the same time of the Wii. Like holy!


mugen senshi valis said:

Alright capcom now make a new mega man legends game.


A wii wanter said:

I don't have a Wii, but if I ever get one, this game will definitely be in my machine, it looks so awesome.


Plaugefiend said:

HEll YES. Monster Hunt for the Wii would kick so much ass. Capcom basically said a quote from Chaos, well, almost. Capcom said to Sony: "We ain't your bootlick. Well rip the flesh from your bones". Sony: "NNNNOOOO".


gamer man 5000 said:

I love all the Monster Hunter games. Capcom you have fulfilled my fantasy by bringing it to the Wii, cool.


Guitar Legend said:

I always wanted to play Monster Hunter on PS2, but I know this is going to be WAY better! PEACE.


Revolver106 said:

It'll kick ass on Wii but it's a shame to lose it as a traveling game, either way I still get to play it.


little d big V said:

This will be one of the best games on the Wii, no scratch that, it will be the best. The only other game on the Wii close to it is The Conduit.


Mischief Shadow said:

Great that's all I need ANOTHER Tigrex. God I hate that thing.


Mischief Shadow said:

I played the demo and it assures me this will be the greatest Wii game overall thus far.


baby luke said:

All hardcore gamers that have a Wii should buy this game. Big sales should encourage more great games from 3rd parties.


YoshLee said:

Baby luke: This has already sold like hot cakes in Japan. However yes I certainly intend to buy it. It sort of sounds like an MMO and while I've never really been able to get into MMORPGs it's worth a shot.


MHF said:

If you don't get this, then I feel sorry for you because your Wii game collection is missing a lot.


YoshLee said:

MHF: With all due respect I'm beginning to lose interest because of its uncanny resemblance to MMORPG's. I like lots of western RPG's but I've never been able to stand MMO's. Oh well I'm at the very least going to rent it. I can only hope it has combat that involves more than just clicking on an enemy *coughWoWcough*.


DamU said:

The most shitty monster won't stand a chance now that MH3 is going to be released on Wii! Diablos suck my monster ballz.

Avatar 1

Arindam said:

There's a superb review of this game of N-Europe. What struck me most was the strongly cooperative aspect of the multi-player mode; it seems that hunting generates a powerful sense of solidarity that enhances the playing experience. No it's not an MMORPG (because it doesn't have leveling up); but it seems to contain the best element of online gaming. What particularly interests me is the idea of carving up dead monsters for resources to be used for making new equipment- an idea I first encountered in the Russian game Evil Islands.


Markus said:

Bought it. Hate it. Worst $50.00 I have ever spent. Is no better than monster hunter one. Oblivian blows this piece of crap out of the water. What year is it? Two year olds could have made better.

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