Capcom banning like it's 9999

Capcom banning like it's 9999

Monster Hunter 3 players in Japan are advised not to try cheating, as doing so is likely to bring up a ban screen similar to the one seen below:

Because you used modified data to connect online, you are now banned. The ban will be lifted at 22:49 on 12/12/9999. In the future, if you violate the terms of service, it is possible that you will be banned for good.

Whether or not that's supposed to be 2009, I'm not sure. One thing is clear, MH3 will be nice and retro by the time 9999 rolls around.

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M Shadow said:

How in the world do they cheat? Using Homebrew perhaps?


cuculainn said:

That's a mistake.


wiiboy101 said:

Online hacks I think that interfere with the connection, like stopping you die or others die. There's a lot of idiots on conduit doing this, how sad spoiling games.

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