Monster Hunter G Wii port

Monster Hunter G Wii port

Capcom has revealed that Monster Hunter G is being ported over to the Nintendo Wii, in addition to the brand new Monster Hunter 3.

Monster Hunter G was limited to a Japanese release on the PS2, although an updated port was brought to the PSP and released here under the name "Monster Hunter Freedom".

The Wii port is said to be 77% complete already, and will feature these things:

  • Widescreen support.
  • Six varieties of weapon.
  • Online content.
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SkullHydra said:

Sweetness! The more Monster Hunter the better (hunts Yian Kut-Ku to extinction).


guy said:

Another ps2 port.


Moppy said:

I suck at Monster Hunter so I won't be getting those two games. I like but, I suck so bad so I'll just stick with Phantasy Star.

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Shadow said:

That's seems cool and all but what is the point when we are getting the godly Monster Hunter 3. Is this even coming to America? Is there any exclusive content in this version, because I played Monster Hunter Freedom and Monster Hunter Freedom 2 and I don't what to play the exact same game.. or do I?


Gamer said:

Nice notice.


Brawler 200 said:

I wonder if it's going to have online multiplayer.


WIIBOY101 said:

Yes a port, but it will be a half good one at least and to be expected.


o said:



taz said:

It said somewhere that MH3 demo is on this game, I'd buy it for the demo.


VotBS said:

Most likely they will do the same thing as the psp versions. You can import your char with your items and weapons.

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