Need for Speed Carbon on Wii

Need for Speed Carbon on Wii

Electronic Arts have let slip some information on Need for Speed Carbon which is currently under development. Wii is one of the consoles targetted for the game, which will be a blend of the previous titles NFS: Underground and NFS: Most Wanted.

Release is planned for the end of the year. Keep up to date with the details on our Need for Speed Carbon page.

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plok said:

Should be cool. The first NFSU game was great, the second one not so much.


Ben said:

I hope it comes out. It looks like the only good racing game so far for the Wii. I wonder if Nintendo will make a Mario Kart game for it? Those are usually good!


JD said:

I love NFS. I'm not too good at it but I can still appreciate it. I hope it comes out soon, definitely a recommendation. I especially love the customization. Autosculpt, hmm.


wii-mote dude said:

More like need for really flashy sedans. Still, awesome graphics. If it lives up to Hot Pursuit 2, it's going to rock.

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