Nintendo TVii

Nintendo TVii

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Nintendo is taking large strides in a bid to take over our living rooms. At the New York press conference earlier today, they announced an application that comes free with every Wii U console - Nintendo TVii. The idea is that this app gathers content from live TV and any other paid subscriptions you may have, like Netflix, Hulu or Amazon instant video, then houses it all in one easily accessible place.

TVii also aims to add an extra layer of fun to your TV habits, by making it a more social experience. It allows friends to recommend shows to each other, as well as incorporating Twitter and Facebook. Watching sports is also enhanced by showing live statistics and other interactive features on the GamePad screen. Here's a little trailer:

Nintendo TVii is only confirmed for North America at the moment, but hopefully it will be rolled out to other regions too.

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danfango said:

I don't see any reason we couldn't have it over here in the UK. We've got Netflix, LOVEFiLM and all that kind of stuff. Anyway, this looks like a great app.

5 years ago

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