Nintendo Unwilling to Release Games on iPhone or Android

Nintendo Unwilling to Release Games on iPhone or Android

Here's why

It's not new to us that Nintendo does not plan on bringing games such as Zelda or Mario onto iPhone or Android, but it was never really clear why this was so.

Veteran Producer for Nintendo, Kensuke Tanabe explains that the sharpness and usability of the game's controls that one experiences on Nintendo console would be extremely difficult to execute and translate onto a mobile device. He also mentions that he has no curiosity of creating these games for those devices whatsoever.

Nintendo games are made for Nintendo hardware...

Kensuke Tanabe

Many people feel that this move on Nintendo's part is foolish since they believe the company is losing money by not making games for mobile devices. However, Nintendo strongly disagrees.

Donkey Kong and Metroid developer Retro Studios CEO Michael Kelbaugh explains that thinking about platforms is not nearly as important as making great games. The hardware is secondary.

The main focus of the company is simply making great games that players will enjoy for a long time. Where these games end up however is Nintendo's decision; and by the looks of it, these games won't be available on your Android or iPhone anytime soon.

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Matt Clewley said:

Even though it would be very profitable for Nintendo to release some of their games on mobile devices, I think their main focus is to try and offload more consoles (mainly the WiiU) therefore there are more ways of profit. The WiiU sales need to pick up as so far and sadly it is a financial flop.

5 years ago

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danfango said:

I don't think we'll see Mario & co on other platforms until Nintendo decide they're quitting the hardware business.

5 years ago

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