Paper Mario: Sticker Star diorama contest

Paper Mario: Sticker Star diorama contest

Goats not required

If you're feeling creative then Nintendo has a contest going on that might just be up your street. To promote Paper Mario: Sticker Star and its November 11th launch, they're giving away 10 prizes (5 to US residents, and 5 to Canadians).

Entrants must make a diorama based on the Paper Mario universe. If you're unsure what that is, it's one of these type deals:

Papercraft in a shoebox

The contest is open to 13 years olds and older and it ends on November 7th. Top prizes include a 3DS XL and copies of the new Paper Mario: Sticker Star.

Nintendo are using Facebook as a hub to organize things, check out the URL below if you'd like to enter:

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