PDC Darts hitting the Wii

PDC Darts hitting the Wii

A press release was just issued by Oxygen Games. It turns out that PDC World Championship Darts 2008 will be arriving on Wii this Christmas.

Featuring all your favorite darters (..dartists?) from the PDC, like Raymond Van Barneveld and some other guys, the game promises to deliver a complete bullseye. Sensibly, the Wii version will use the motion sensing of the Wiimote for the throwing motion.

Improvements over the first game supposedly include:

  • Full career mode based on the actual PDC season.
  • Improved physics.
  • Better animation.
  • More game modes.

Sounds kinda fun, game on!

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Fire Emblem Fan 14 said:

I like darts! It's fun to play.


Master Foot said:

This game is probably the first digital rendition of a darts. I like this idea, and if the controls are on point (pun!) then we have a winner. PLEASE make this compatible with SD card mp3s because I smell boring music coming. This will be a great drinking game minus the eyepokes.


Jskrdude said:

Wow. Darts. Hardcore. I don't know, but darts are so cheap, why don't you just buy a real set? It's more realistic (duh) and more fun.


harry said:

This game was on Ps2 last year and was quality, now using the Wii remote it will be awesome. Can't wait for it.


claude charland said:

Hi all, any news on the game pdcwcd 2008 in Canada? If so please tell me.

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