Pearl Jam's Ten for Rock Band 2

Pearl Jam's Ten for Rock Band 2

Pearl Jam's debut album Ten has been added in full to the online shop of Rock Band 2 on Wii, along with a few other tracks.

  • Pearl Jam - Once
  • Pearl Jam - Even Flow
  • Pearl Jam - Why Go
  • Pearl Jam - Black
  • Pearl Jam - Jeremy
  • Pearl Jam - Oceans
  • Pearl Jam - Porch
  • Pearl Jam - Garden
  • Pearl Jam - Deep
  • Pearl Jam - Release
  • Pearl Jam - Master/Slave
  • Devo - Through Being Cool
  • Faith No More - We Care A Lot
  • Fall Out Boy - I Don't Care

As usual, tracks cost 200 points each.

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truegamer888 said:

Can you buy the pearl jam songs individually? Because all I want is Jeremy. Maybe a couple more.

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