Pictures from the Wii U launch

Pictures from the Wii U launch

Dawn of a new era

Nintendo's latest home console the Wii U has now been released all across North America. NoA President Reggie Fils-Aime counted down the launch amidst fans, eager to be one of the first to get their hands on a Wii U.

First in line was Isaiah Triforce Johnson from Brooklyn, who had been queuing for weeks.

Miis descend on New York City.

Crossing the street in safety.

Reggie Fils-Aime counts down to the launch.

Reggie sells the first Wii U to Isaiah Triforce Johnson, of Brooklyn.

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edward said:

I wish I wos there

7 years ago

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Aster said:

That Triforce guy sure was determined to be first in line.

7 years ago

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Chaz Demon said:

Ah, so Triforce managed to get a hold of the first console, bet he was very pleased! Deserved it for spending such a long time in a queue though!

7 years ago

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