Platinum Games responds to 360/PS3 nerdrage

Platinum Games responds to 360/PS3 nerdrage

Bayonetta 2 trending on Twitter

Among the highlights from yesterday's presentations was the announcement of Bayonetta 2, a long-awaited sequel that may not have ever seen the light of day until Nintendo stepped in. Unfortunately, the news of it being a Wii U exclusive game was met with bawing and extreme anger from some fans of other consoles, with some of them even sending tweet-threats to the developers. A new post on the Platinum Games official website tries to appease these fans with reason (good luck):

"On September 13, 2012 Bayonetta 2 was announced as an exclusive title under development for the Wii U during the Nintendo Direction presentation held on the same day."

"As game developers, we are incredibly excited to be able to announce a new title to all of our fans; however, we are aware that the announcement may have come as a shock to many of you."

"As with Bayonetta, Bayonetta 2 is under development and production here at PlatinumGames, and is a true sequel to the acclaimed first game in the series. Bayonetta is one of our most beloved titles, and it played a large part in establishing PlatinumGames as an emerging game studio in the minds of users worldwide. Bayonetta has fans the world over, and we would never dream of alienating them from participating in the future of PlatinumGames."

"That being said, the console games market is in a state of upheaval, so establishing a new game franchise requires a considerable amount of will, determination, and love. Bayonetta is a brand that we want to see become stronger, reaching the hands of more and more gamers, so we have continued to consult with SEGA, the previous game's publisher, on how we can make sure this takes place. Our answer was a new partnership with Nintendo."

"Along with their new hardware, Nintendo, as a company, is dedicated to establishing a new future for the games industry, as you can tell by their record of passionate support for gaming. Alongside Nintendo, we hope to grow the Bayonetta brand beyond where it stands today, allowing even more gamers around the world to experience the action of our beloved witch. As developers, we are working hard to make this a reality."

"We hope that you will look forward to what we have in store." - Tatsuya Minami, President of Platinum Games

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Aster said:

I was on twitter reading some of that stuff, the ps360 fans really went full retard on this one.

1 decade ago

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PHiRE said:

It's a sad thing when people have loyalty to a company. Just buy a Wii U if you're that bothered about it.

1 decade ago

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roidrage said:

im gonna stand up for those fans, they were prob really drunk, or just inbred.

1 decade ago

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WUMPER said:

I would laugh my balls off if some of them got arrested over it, like other twitter abusers have in the past.

1 decade ago

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