Tecmo announce Project Rygar Wii

Tecmo announce Project Rygar Wii

It's been known for a short time that Tecmo had a secret plan in store for Wii. As it turns out, the game is Project Rygar.

Rygar was a classic released on a number of platforms a long time ago, like the NES. This new outing is only loosely based on that game, it will have a new main character and new enemies. Full use of the Wiimote will be made. No other details are known for the time being, watch this space.

Tecmo tecmo tecmo tecmo, there's no limit!

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The DumDum said:

He's a cutie and sexy!


crazy tape said:

Please tell me you're a girl dumdum.


stinky12694 said:

I hope dumdum is a girl (not that I'm homophobic).


Scooby Jew said:

Hmm, sounds interesting. Perhaps I'll check it out.


Wiimaster said:

Rygar awesome! Tecmo bring DOA too!


Ekaj185 said:

LoL, grey hair.


cmk said:

Wow, dumdum. I guess I just assumed that everyone here was a guy for some reason. Sorry ladies. And by the way, any girl who frequents this site is a SEVERE hottie. Lol, I'm a guy by the way.


Rygar said:

He looks like Chipp Zanuff.


Zendalf said:

Dude, grey hair on young guys is awesome. I wish I had grey hair.


Aris said:

Cool, I Loved Rygar. I used to play in the arcades in the 80's.


divinity boy said:

No, not grey hair, white like SEPHIROTH.


GaemFule said:

Typical anime style. Although I've never heard of Rygar, if it shapes up to be a good hack and slash/adventure/beat 'em up then I'll certainly be taking a look into it. Let's just hope it doesn't turn into something like the late highly stylized pieces of crap by SquarePenix.

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