Mega Man shoes from Puma

Mega Man shoes from Puma

Well known sporting goods manufacturer Puma has launched a pair of shoes inspired by the Mega Man character. Dubbed "917 Lo Mega!", these badboys are made from a synthetic leather material which has a shine to it.

Originally released by Capcom in 1987, Mega Man has enjoyed long-running success on a variety of consoles. His latest outing, the challenging Mega Man 9, which I've beaten, was also released to critical success.

They're available from the official Puma website for a current asking price of $65.

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Darunia said:

They actually exist.


Grey said:

If it wasn't for the fact I'd get laughed out of the room wearing those, I'd totally buy them.


Supersmashdodo said:

Why not Mario and Sonic?



Cool but not for me, and who hasn't beat mega man 9. I supported it for all 3 of the new consoles and finished it on all 3! Going to do it one more time on 360 because I have two profiles I play on.


Brawler 200 said:

Basically this has nothing to do with Nintendo OR the Nintendo Wii, so I have one question: Why did you post this?


Ian C said:

I would like those shoes.

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