Rabbids want to win core gamers

Rabbids want to win core gamers

According to Jacque Exertier from Ubisoft, their latest Rabbids title is a significant departure from the mini-game fests we're used to, and core gamers should get something out of Rabbids Go Home.

"Core Nintendo gamers should enjoy the controls and variety in gameplay as well as the open progressive structure. We're working to make Rabbids Go Home easy to learn, hard to master, in the finest Nintendo tradition".

The latest edition of the official Nintendo magazine offers up some new details on the game:

  • There are 6 hub worlds, 20 environments and over 50 missions.
  • Around 100 different humans featured, based on stereotypes.
  • Verminators and Vermi-dogs are the primary enemies.
  • Verminators set traps to catch the Rabbids, but are scared of them.
  • Collectible items hidden throughout the levels.
  • Collect regular items to gain new abilities.
  • New game mechanics are introduced regularly.
  • 15 hours worth of gameplay.
  • Storyline is advanced using cutscenes.
  • Music is crazy, slapstick comedy used in familiar Rabbid style.
  • At the end of each mission you flush your items down a toilet.
  • Multiplayer to feature in some capacity, but no details yet.
  • Locations include an airport, builder's yard, graveyard, museum, office and a supermarket.
  • Mario Kart Wii and Super Mario Galaxy quoted as "games of inspiration".

Reports say Ubisoft took almost a year to decide in which direction to go with this Rabbids title, let's hope it results in a winner.

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User comments


BrothaZ said:

Mario Kart Wii was decent, but not enough to be a game of inspiration, for me at least.


Nintendoof said:

Need screens NOW.


Wii Rox said:

Interesting, but 15 hours gameplay? I think I'd prefer it a little longer than that.


Brawler 200 said:

When I saw the title I was hoping that they were finally working on a great, hard adventure game I could explore through.


Jonatron said:

Indeed, 'Wii Rox'. Anything less than 30, including replay value, if that's certain, really isn't worth it for this full time gamer on a budget.

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