Ready 2 Rumble Wii

Ready 2 Rumble Wii

Many months ago, there were whispers suggesting that a Ready 2 Rumble game was coming to Wii. Today a listing on Amazon indicates that it's almost a definite, and being published by Atari.

  • New roster of 20 characters.
  • Use the Wiimote to duck, weave and punch.
  • OTT action and celebrity caricatures.

A release date of May 19th 2009 is stated. With Nintendo's Punch-Out!! also in the works, looks like boxing fans will be spoiled for choice.

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Master Foot said:

Dare I say "Dreamcast port"? Please prove me wrong.


YoshLee said:

I'm already looking forward to socking peoples blocks off with Little Mac so I'll stick with punch out.


Diddy Kong Lover said:

This had better be a sequel. Since Dreamcast ports are so great, they might as well port over Seaman or Power Stone how about Grandia II. Seriously those games deserve a port more than Ready 2 Rumble.

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