Ubisoft thinks WM+ exclusive is risky

Ubisoft thinks WM+ exclusive is risky

In what you might consider a bold move, Red Steel 2 will be a game that forces the player to use the Wii MotionPlus addon. This will ensure much more realistic sword fighting, but could also cut a slice (!) into the game's potential market. Jason Vandenberghe, a creative director at Ubisoft has voiced concerns:

"It is a huge risk. We've no idea what the penetration rate for Wii MotionPlus will be. We assume high. We would like it to be high. I wish I could say to you that it'll be compatible with just a regular Wiimote, but the experience simply isn't there without MotionPlus".

Big sales are expected for the MotionPlus, as Nintendo are bundling it in with Wii Sports Resort. Here's hoping these expectations come to fruition, for Ubisoft's sake.

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Yoshi-1up said:

Well they screwed us over with the first Red Steel. They shouldn't worry about anything but their own crap.


YoshLee said:

I plan on getting the Wii motion plus whether you need it to play red steel or not. I think they should make it be only motion plus compatible, most people will probably be getting the motion plus anyways and if it will help the gameplay there's no need for them to have a second thought about it.

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