Reggie introduces NSMB2 DLC

Reggie introduces NSMB2 DLC


Here's a short video in the Nintendo Direct style, presented by friendly giant Reggie Fils-Aime. It's similar to Satoru Iwata's video the other day, except this one's in English of course. Reggie describes the downloadable level packs for New Super Mario Bros 2, which will be release on October 4th, 2012 - a snap at $2.50 apiece.

    NSMB2 level packs
  • Gold Rush Pack (one star difficulty) - $2.50
  • Coin Challenge Pack A (three stars difficulty) - $2.50
  • Nerve-Wrack Pack (five stars difficulty) - $2.50

There are also more packs planned in the coming months, so watch out for them. Each pack has three levels, and players can compete for the #1 spot on a worldwide leaderboard. Take it away, Reggie:

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