Rockstar Table Tennis on Wii

Rockstar Table Tennis on Wii

Well it's not GTA, but it's still likely to be fun. Rockstar's Sam Houser has confirmed Rockstar Table Tennis will be heading to the Wii this Fall.

The 360 version was fun while it lasted (while your CONSOLE lasted that is), expect the Wii's to be even better using the motion sensing of the Wiimote.

In lieu of recent problems, to recoup development costs Rockstar are said to be reusing Manhunt 2 code for the project. The game will feature some brutal fatalities, such as ripping your opponent's spine out during a high-toss serve. I did of course, make this part up.

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Master Foot said:

Damn, I was hoping for the spine ripping fatality! Way to get my hopes up WW.


wiiboy101 said:

Could be fun. I'm getting tired of 3rd party laziness and deliberate low end graphics. It wiis mii off how 3rd parties are blatantly lying about wii's graphics. Jesus there's 3 amazing lookers coming, but they're all 1st party (metroid/mario/smash). 3rd parties: Wii at 480p has a 360 like fill rate, USE IT.


shindrA said:

This game will seriously be a must get. Played the 360 version and loved it.


DragonFoxCoon said:

Speaking of Manhunt, has there been any news concerning a rating drop?


Scooby Jew said:

FINISH HIM! *sigh* If only. Yeah, I played the 360 version, and it sucked. Graphics were good, oh wow. That was definitely worth the $60! Thank god I haven't used my 360 in over a year. Makes me enjoy my Wii that much more and also it makes me see what a waste of money the 360 was.


Jimmy said:

LOL. You could serve, and then let the ball tear into the hand of your opponent. I'd pay good money to play that game. Wiiboy101- You make a very good point. It's so true that Wii gets dated graphics (like 1st Gen Gamecube) rather than the Xbox like Graphics we could be getting. Although, I think we can give them the benefit of the doubt for a few more months. After all, who actually trusted Nintendo after the Gamecube fiasco, and companies lucking out and focusing on Sony and Microsoft. What companies are doing now is a face saving move, and focusing on the Wii (EA, Activision), in order to make up for last Gen. Hopefully, this will lead to new games, better games, and better graphics and control by the end of this year of beginning of next year.


Hey said:

I hope the graphics won't be TOO scaled back.


WIIBOY101 said:

Xbox like graphics - you mean 360. Gamecube had better graphics than xbox 1. Xbox 12 million polygons at 30 frames a second, gamecube almost 20 million polygons at 60 frames a second and short load times. Xbox 4 texture layers, 4 texture stages. Gamecube 8 texture layers, 16 texture stages. It's all about the balance and effectiveness of each machine. Wii at 480p is near 360/ps3 graphics, as mario smash and prime prove.


cmk is back said:

Oh my god that your CONSOLE thing was awesome! High five WW.

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