WiiWare gives you crabs

WiiWare gives you crabs

If you enjoy catching crabs, publishers Konami have just the thing for you. Their new game titled Sandy Beach is coming to WiiWare.

Seemingly influenced by Defend Your Castle, the experience revolves around building yourself a sandcastle. You do this using various tools, such as buckets, spades.. etc. Then in 'crab mode' you use cannons to protect the castle from marauding crabs.

You can hit the sandy beach this Fall.

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Cat said:

Oh you meant that kind of crabs.


Diddy Kong Lover said:

Yuck where's a Metal Gear when you need it.


Master Foot said:

To avoid crabs, put a jacket on your wiimote.


Nintendoof said:

Who doesn't like defending sand castles with crabs?! OBJECTION.


Quartz said:

Holy crab.


Dark Star said:

Looks like a category 4 hurricane of puns for this update.

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