Scarface gameplay video

Say 'ello to my lil trailer. Ryan French, associate producer on Scarface talks us through some of the gameplay.

I'm actually looking forward to this game now, I never played it the first time around but it seems to have great reviews. With the added Wiimote usage it could be really cool. I mean it has a balls-meter and everything.

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cconyersjr said:

Any game that has a "Balls" meter has gotta be good.


Aris said:

Certainly not one for the kids!


Scooby Jew said:

Seems extremely innovative and fun, I have high anticipations of getting this game. Hope it comes out soon.


wildthang13322500 said:

Using the Wii-Mote for targeting, and the nunchuck to add "balls", how can you not love the way this game plays?! Say hello to the best Scarface game around, you cock-a-roaches!


Splintercell4ever said:

Although I think it's pretty cool you can use a chainsaw, this game seems a little unrealistic. I mean, you just don't stand in the middle of a shootout and expect to live.


Unknown said:

First the Godfather, now Scarface. It seems like GTA knock-offs are better on the Wii.


gmoney said:

I don't know. I thought the controls for Godfather: Blackhand were pretty damn awesome. I loved choking people and throwing them out the windows.

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james said:

They should make it around $30 because it's a remake. Resident evil Wii is only $30.


Gonzo said:

This is a rip off of GTA! Where does this take place anyway? I know GTA IV is in New York. But anyway, I'm mad this is a freakin' ripoff.


Zendalf said:

Wow, this looks crazy good. The chainsaw effects are good, because I've been waiting for the Wii to come out with a game that does it like this. Way cool.


wiiboy101 said:

Looks good graphically for a ps2 port, more polished than godfather. Manhunt 2 looks to be the daddy of hardcore wiimote usage and also nice graphics.


gta said:

This is just a ripoff of gta. If you see games like manhunt2 and resident evil 4 do well on the Wii, expect maybe a story game from gta.



This is the Wii remake of the XBOX Scarface, so stop crying RIPOFF because it was done a long time ago. This game came out after GTA:SA and it's pretty good. If you don't know SCARFACE then you're too young and don't appreciate one of the best gangster movies ever.


a gamer said:

Dude you could definitely tell he had a health cheat on. I have this game and I would've died in the first 6 shots.

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