Published by Vivendi, Developed by Radical

Genres: Action / Shooting

US release date: Jun 12th, 2007 | EU release date: -



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User comments


jaden wii said:

Say hello to my little Wii!


Jake said:

I've got one thing to say: "COME ON PELICAN!".


Captain Jamesman said:

Say hello to mah little friend!


wii-man said:

Wii will kick your monkey ass all over the place ps3! And I always tell the truth, even when I lie. Fave movie, fave game. Bring on the cocas!


DarkVic said:

I've played the xbox version, and I got to say; I'm really looking forward to this game. Wii-man, this was my favorite movie too. Next to the Godfather, this movie was a masterpiece.


wiimaster said:

Looks awesome!


cmk said:

LOL jake! Do you mean a bazooka attachment? Because that would be awesome.


Scooby Jew said:

The graphics don't look too horribly bad, but just from those 6 screenshots I can't help but to become somewhat suspicious that it's a GTA-style game.


[RS]Omega Red said:

Who cares if it's like GTA. I want a GTA on Wii!


Carlton said:

Speaking of which, I sure hope RockStar is going to port GTA IV to the Wii.


Oompadedoda said:

This looks somewhat more badass than GTA so I root for this game.


IC wener said:

You talkin to me!


ps3 sucks said:

Finally Wii is bringing out games for the more mature audience. Have you seen the trailers, it looks AWESOME.


wiiman64 said:

Say hello to my wiimote, it can be dangerous in the right hands.


dg said:

Scarface kicks ass, both the movie and the game. I've played it, and you could say it was a bit GTA but only more hardcore. I would prefer scarface to GTA any day. I'm so going to buy it for my Wii.


wiitastic said:

Been playing this game solidly for the last couple of days. It's rad. Once you're past the small missions of picking up 300g of coke, and move onto moving kg's of the stuff it's where the game really shines.


Wiiiii said:

This game rocks.


Chillum said:

Scarface on the Wii! The World Is Yours.

Avatar 71

PHiRE said:

For a movie game Scarface is exceptional. Yea it borrows quite a bit from GTA, but surpasses it in some ways (not in others). Awesome all the way.


TONY said:

Oh man where, when can I get this game.


sue said:

This game is horribly. It is completely inappropriate for younger players. There is way too much drugs in it. I think it should be banned from the Wii - Sue Micnale.


ToTaLgAmEr said:

Lol at sue, it's rated M for a reason. DUUUUUHHHH. And seriously, why would you put your name at the bottom of your post?

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