MadWorld working with ratings boards

MadWorld working with ratings boards

In a recent interview, David Corless from Sega explained they are working closely with the ratings boards to ensure MadWorld gets a timely release.

"Yes, it is violent. We don't try to hide that, but as publishers we see it as a fantasy game - it's fantasy violence, over the top, cartoony. We're working with the age rating boards, with PEGI and with BBFC. We're not yet at the end of the game's development, but we're talking to them now to make sure that we don't go over the top".

Probably a good idea, since no one wants another Manhunt 2 saga. MadWorld has been garnering quite a lot of negative attention though and is already banned in Germany.

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Diddy Kong Lover said:

Aw man! Wii needs a Mature game that'll rise above the spam.


Juan L said:

People call the Wii kiddy and it is the only current gen console to have a game that got an AO, and might be getting another.


monkeylemur said:

Wii needs some violent games. Sometimes say you want to kill somebody, you could pretend that one of the doods is that guy and own him to the maximum extent. We can't do that in super mario galaxy.


Nintendoof said:

Yep. Overlord, Deadrising, MadWorld, No More Heroes. Those are the only M rated games I can think of for the Wii. Correct me if I'm wrong.


onlybowseruser said:

Oh my god. The Wii is stereotyped for being a family game console only. We need to prove those xbox freaks wrong.

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