Sega publishing The Conduit

Sega publishing The Conduit

After some speculation, it's now been confirmed that Sega will be publishing The Conduit. In an interview, Sega's Simon Jeffery spoke:

"The Conduit is one of those few games that comes along that ignites a frenzy of interest across the gaming community. We really liked the way that High Voltage Software was promoting and presenting the game. They had us at 'The?'".

With games like MadWorld and The House of the Dead: Overkill, Sega are doing well to push games of a core nature onto Wii.

"Everyone is churning out wide market and family-friendly titles for the Wii platform, but there are millions of core gamers being underserved right now. Sega was delighted that High Voltage feels the same way".

Based around a dark tale in Washington D.C, The Conduit follows the aftermath of a devastating alien invasion. You take on the role of Mr Ford, an agent from the Secret Service tasked with taking on the alien race, known as "the Drudge".

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Nova said:

Sega's beginning to rock again.


Master Foot said:

I forgot about this game! After all this time, it better be good.


Jonny said:

The Conduit is going to completely vault Sega out of its funk.


robotninjapirate said:

Thank the lord, our baby's back! Get sonic unleashed right, and all will be forgiven.


BrothaZ said:

Well, as long as sega doesn't try to make any drastic changes to the game, I guess.


Nintendoof said:

There better not be a buttload of SEGA cameos in this one.


Diddy Kong Lover said:

3 cheers for SEGA! Seriously after publishing that Nancy Drew crap and that Golden Compass game I was having doubts.


videogamer4eric said:

Maybe after the Conduit is released for Wii Developers like Valve will make a game like counter-strike or Portal or Left 4 Dead on Wii. Here's a word for you Doug Lombardi and Gabe Newell. Try playing The Coduit on Wii talk to the developer and ask them how they were able to make the game look and play good. Please Valve say you have a single game for Wii. Team up with High Voltage and gearbox to make a game. Heck talk to Sega.

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