Showtime Boxing announced

Showtime Boxing announced

It looks like the rumor from a few days ago has held true, Showtime Boxing has now been officially confirmed by ZOO Digital Publishing in a press release.

Showtime Boxing sees you boxing your way through the ranks, hoping to become the best of the best. As you'd expect, the game makes use of the Wiimote and its motion controls for what will hopefully be an immersing experience.

  • Choose from 14 boxers and 6 title series.
  • Customize your fighter's hair, shorts, gloves and boots (yea, that sounds EXTENSIVE).
  • Win matches and titles to unlock more boxers, arenas and accessories.
  • Every fighter has a special three punch combo to use.
  • Multiplayer options included.
  • Four stadiums featured: New York, Chicago, Las Vegas and Los Angeles.

Get up, cause Mickey loves ya.

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Grrr said:

I hope it makes use of the wiimote AND the nunchuck (not the wiimote only).


Gonzo said:

Yea, this boxing would totally suck if you can't use the nunchuck.


wii-hoo said:

Wait, if this game was only coming out in japan, and now is coming here, then there is a HUGE possibility that the force unleashed is coming out for the Wii.


DDDD said:

This isn't Victorious Boxers Wii-hoo, this is a new American made game. Which will probably suck ass. Why would the boxers need a special three punch combo?


benzy said:

This game will be radical guys.


Spo said:

Bloody hell, I thought they had released this already! I wanted this for my Christmas Present so that I can play with the family.


Anthony said:

5 minutes after starting this game I wanted a complete refund. Total waste of time and money. It's a joke. Games like this should not be sold! A total ripoff.

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