Silent Hill Wii first details

Silent Hill Wii first details

The first bits of information on the Silent Hill game for Wii have been revealed by Nintendo Power.

Titled Silent Hill: Shattered Memories, it's a "reimagining" of the original which appeared the first PlayStation console. That's not to say it's a port or a remake, according to the game's producer it isn't. Character roles have been changed, there will be less backtracking and the order of play has generally been reworked.

    Silent Hill Wii controls
  • Movement is done using the Nunchuk's stick, Wiimote controls the flashlight.
  • Z button performs actions, combat has been removed entirely.
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I was always hoping for a remake of the original game but since this is not and there is no combat I am highly disappointed! I think I'll pass on this, without combat I see a very boring game. Reimagining and remake would constitute the same thing, do people in this life need to retake english courses?


hellen skellen said:

No combat? I loved hitting those little childlike ghosties! That sucks big time.


Wiiboy101 said:

Fingers crossed it aint psp port crud.

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