Sims 2 Pets reaching retailers

Sims 2 Pets reaching retailers

According to a press release, Electronic Arts are now shipping The Sims 2: Pets for Wii to retail outlets.

Across platforms The Sims 2: Pets has sold over 5.5 million copies. This version will use the Wiimote to add to the experience of raising your pet. The Create-a-Pet feature will let you customize your cat or dog, with a variety of body shapes, colors, furs, noses etc.

The official release dates are listed below:

  • US: June 12th.
  • Europe: June 22nd.
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Master Foot said:

It would be cool to have more than one pet. They can also limit people from having an apartment full of pets by limiting resources like pet food. The game is coming out tomorrow, so it does not matter.

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