Splinter Cell on Wii

Splinter Cell on Wii

Ubisoft continue their strong support of the Wii by adding another title to the launch. That title is Splinter Cell: Double Agent. The game will feature the series hero Sam Fisher and all the usual stealth antics.

The game is still in development and Ubisoft Montreal were unwilling to say much about the control system. They did however give one example where the Wiimote is shaken back and forth to control Sam's hand when picking locks. Keep tabs on the Splinter Cell: Double Agent page for updates, 5 screenshots are already in place.

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splintercell4ever said:

Yes I knew it would be released! They just wanted to make a huge splash in the water.


Econo said:

I myself am a big fan of Splinter Cell and I think using the wiimote and its innovative controls would make it so much better.


snipes83 said:

Too much good news! I don't know what to do with all this. My mind's about to have mental break down. Must stay calm.


wii-mote dude said:

I think they're coming out with a gun-controller for the wii. If they are, hoo-wee, this is going to be the best game EVER. Oh and snipes, you're not alone. It happens with me every time I get news about this system.


wiiboy101 said:

The controls and feedback will bring the game to life. Those graphics rock considering they're ps2 code based and just polished up for Wii. Imagine a true Wii Splinter Cell, it would be like 360 Madden. Developers state Wii can push near 360 - true HD.


ganondorfrules said:

Well by what I've researched on websites, PS3 graphics are stronger than 360's and wii is in between. But what the wii lacks in graphics it gains in a lot more stuff for us to use at low prices. That's good enough for me, I can't wait for the wii. I might consider the Splinter Cell game eventually.


WIIBOY101 said:

There's no graphics argument any more, we are talking a fly's kneecap in difference. Like Nintendo clearly stated graphics have reached a level where there's nothing in it in terms of textures lights etc. Wii shall easily match ps3, it just won't do it higher than 480p. And what's wrong with that, I'd take great gaming and lightning fast load times over a 4th gen control pad and long load times.


Master Foot said:

I could never get into Splinter Cell for some odd reason. With respect to graphics, they are already coming to the point where they are too looking real. Playing a TV show will quickly become dull.

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