Mario games hitting South Africa

Mario games hitting South Africa

These days, Core Gaming Group (CGG) are an official Nintendo representative in South Africa. Wii was launched in the region during October 2007 and has been a big success story.

After a recent press conference in Johannesburg, CGG has now launched two of Mario's games on Wii, namely the epic Super Mario Galaxy and also Mario Party 8.

The games cost 499 Rand, which at the current exchange rate is the equivalent of $70 USD.

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TruBlu said:

Wow, it's so cheap there. I'd like to hear the characters' voices in South African.


Wiipaw said:

Damn, I never felt so happy for the South Africans.


YoshLee said:

Good to know the Wii's spreading joy everywhere. The picture above is flipping funny: "I told you to use the wrist strap".


insultman911 said:

I always thought South Africa was a poor country. It's got Wii now.

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Nova said:

What are you talking about? That's like ps3 cost of games. Plus there is no South Aafrican language. It's English. British English. But it could just be the fact that I can't tell if you're serious or sarcastic.


Quartz said:



eyevan said:

Are you serious? $70? That's $20 more than our (North America) games.


ffdgh said:

Cool for them. I'm actually African American. Go Nintendo.


Nintendoof said:

Don't you mean "seth efrica"?


wii fanatic said:

Heh, they're still poor. Look how much it costs for them, in American Dollars! Yeah, they're poor alright.


Ryan said:

Yo Insultman. We're not all poor. Hate to tell you but we have the PS3 and X360 as well and guess what we got them when the rest of Europe got them. Also just by the way we're easily the biggest gaming community in Africa and we're not a small one I can PROMISE you that :D And the reason it costs so much in American dollars is because they import our games from Europe or something. Everything's more expensive here. Well except food in terms of england, but everywhere is cheaper than there. Also there's no such language as South African. English is one of the 11 official languages here. But yeah anyone who buys games talks English.

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