The Denpa Men soundtrack on iTunes

The Denpa Men soundtrack on iTunes

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The fun looking game The Denpa Men: They Came By Wave was released on 3DS eShop yesterday. It turns out that Denpa fans can also download the soundtrack from iTunes. It's crammed with 32 tracks, here's the lengthy listing:

    Denpa Men soundtrack
  1. DenpaNingen Theme
  2. Denpa Island
  3. Antenna tower
  4. Shop
  5. Computer
  6. DenpaNingen's House
  7. Museum
  8. Ferry Wharf (World Map)
  9. Cave
  10. Battle
  11. Victory Fanfare
  12. Theme of the Forest
  13. Village of the Underground Man
  14. Tower of the Demon King
  15. Boss Battle
  16. Boss Battle (Victory Fanfare)
  17. Incandescence Zone
  18. Barren Land
  19. Oasis of the Fairy
  20. Ice World
  21. Remains of the Darkness
  22. Great Demon King
  23. Ending
  24. Banner
  25. Successful Catch!
  26. Level Up!
  27. Recovery
  28. Annihilation
  29. Got an Item!
  30. Got a Rare Item!
  31. Mission Clear!
  32. Denpa Island Development!

Denpa Men on iTunes

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danni FL said:

I've been playing this for a few hours and it's a surprising challenge, don't be fooled by the kiddy image!

8 years ago

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