Dog Samurai

Dog Samurai

Here are another two American box arts. The first is The Dog Island, heading to the US sometime during 2008, published by Ubisoft.


This is Koei's Samurai Warriors Katana.

Kickin' like Chuck Norris.

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Wii Freak said:

That dog is so cute.


Wulf said:

And here I was hoping for a katana wielding dog, oh well.


Hey said:

The Dog games are such ripoffs of Nintendogs! I'd like to remind you that Bruce Lee is 10x better than ol' Chuck.


Epsilon said:

Hmm, anyone else think people might over look the "Artist Collection" in fine print on the first cover?


DragonFoxCoon said:

Another Samurai Warriors game? From what I've seen of the everlasting series, they all play exactly the same. Even the Gundam version. Can't Koei get some new tricks?


Master Foot said:

Don't mess with the Chuck.


TruBlu said:

No samurai Shiba-inu anthro? I feel your disappointment, Wulf.

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