Samurai Warriors Katana

Published by Koei, Developed by Omega Force

Genres: Adventure (2 players)

US release date: Jan 15th, 2008 | EU release date: Feb 22nd, 2008

Samurai Warriors Katana

Using an exhilarating first-person perspective, Samurai Warriors: KATANA is based on the hugely popular Samurai Warriors series and delivers total arcade-style action right into your own home. Armed with your motion-sensitive Wii Remote, you'll journey back in time to do battle as a lethal samurai warrior.

On each mission, legendary samurai and allies will serve as your guide. Prevent pirates from invading your ships, rescue maidens from a burning castle, and explore mysterious caverns stalked by ninjas. These and many more challenging missions require quick reflexes, fast thinking, and precision marksmanship.

On the battlefield ninja assassins will be poised to strike at your every turn, but with close-range and long-range weapons, you'll be well equipped for your counterattack. Combat gets up close and personal with the classic samurai sword, spear, and mighty war hammer, but you can still target enemy soldiers in the distance using a bow and arrow, a gun, and even a cannon.

Samurai Warriors: KATANA offers three different modes of play. Action-packed with nearly 30 hours of game play, Musou Mode takes you on an incredible adventure through Feudal Japan. Samurai-in-training can prepare for battle with a multitude of challenges in Trial Mode. Here you'll earn gold which can be used to purchase weapons and precious items. And in Vs. Mode, you can go head-to-head with a friend in eight exciting mini games.

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User comments


Alix said:

The game's publisher is Koei, which means that this game is going to be like Dynasty Warriors.


DarkVic said:

I can't judge until I get some pics.


Owlboy said:

Name one koei game that wasn't mindless hack and slash or had anything to do with ancient china.


Chris said:

Hey owlboy, The samurai and ninja are both japanese. The samurai where soldiers and the ninja were like assassins or spies.


YO said:

The ninja were actually elite soldiers. I like the dynasty warriors series so I should like this.


TrentonWii said:

I think this games takes place in japan. I remember reading about it. I know it's a first person slash em up though, and no one does it better then Koei. Actually, I think this might be the english title for senguka action (I forget).


Phelix said:

Koei is one of the best game developers. I can't wait for this game.


itstimetoplaydawii said:

I haven't seen this on shelves yet (look at release date). Or it's just my location.


jonthewiiman said:

I've played the first one, it is one of the best 2 player games but it is terrible one player.


Reaper said:

This game is exactly like Dynasty Warriors, So expect killing a large amounts of soliders. Although with the wiimote this should be very fun.


Deadlyblack said:

Use the Wiimote as a sword? Sounds nice.


nobody said:

Ninjas were not elite soldiers, they were assassins or spies. Samurai were mostly just tax collectors.


i love wii said:

This is something I need to buy.


Ricky C said:

This looks like the best game out in the Koei series so far. It will really suit the Wii controller and I can't wait to get it.


i love wii said:

This has been renamed as Samurai Warriors: Katana now.


SSBB said:

This game is going to rock.


Wiigamer said:

Man! Why do I have to wait until December for this game?.


ToTaLgAmEr said:

Is this like a round system, where you face one person per round, or do you actually walk around and kill people?


The Hamburgler said:

I hated Dynasty Warriors. No strategy, and lots of button mashing.

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