Top Spin Tennis on Wii

Top Spin Tennis on Wii

Publishers 2K Games have announced they're bringing well known sports series Top Spin Tennis onto the Wii. Christoph Hartmann, President of 2K commented:

"Given the Wii's unique controllers and the fun family-oriented gameplay, Top Spin Tennis effectively bridges the gap between a sports and a party game".

Players will use the nunchuk to move around the court and aim. The Wiimote will be used as the racquet, controlling the power and type of shot played.

This outing of Top Spin Tennis will be exclusive to the Wii, expect it to release around Spring 2008.

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Scooby Jew said:

Top Spinnis. That sounded cooler earlier before I typed it. Never was much of a sports fan, I doubt I ever will be in fact. But this game seems like tennis fans will go crazy over it, and perhaps even some non-tennis fans might pick up the Wiimote and kick some ass.

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Mike said:

It would be funny with Maria Sharapova in it. "ARGHE" "OORGHH" "EEH"!


DragonFoxCoon said:

Sweet. The Wii is perfect for tennis. I wonder if it'll bring my game up a notch.


Nintendoof said:

Top Spin on Wii. My dad could play this for days.


Wiimaster said:

Why is 2kgames making another sports game for Wii? Come on, you guys made the darkness which is a badass game. Put something like that on Wii.


Grrr said:

I like Top Spin, I like the Wii. Guess I will love Top Spin on Wii.


Master Foot said:

Hopefully they make a definitive tennis game that can rival Virtua Tennis.


Wii decimates all said:

I don't know, I like how top spinnis sounds, but what sounds better is now we got wiinis.


BrothaZ said:

Interesting. Hope it's got more principle than Wii Tennis.

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