Extreme Duck Hunting to the max 4000

Extreme Duck Hunting to the max 4000

A company called Detn8 Games is developing a new game called Ultimate Duck Hunting. As the title suggests, it's a game where you shoot ducks, something similar to Duck Hunt on the old NES.

Duck Hunt saw a small revival in the Wii Play minigame, but Ultimate Duck Hunting promises to bring a much richer experience.

Detn8 Founder Jeff Hill says to expect a June release in the US, while the UK will get it in Q4.

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asparaWIIgus said:

NO! Poor duckies!


Ekaj185 said:

Detn8? They new? Just out of indie maybe.


Mister Duck said:

Poor duckies indeed. *adopts all the duckies in the world* Yay!

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Nova said:

That old game was fun. But I doubt that a recreate will be as good as the original. Nintendo never gets the same as their originals as in the new games.


Gonzo said:

Yea, why do people hunt duckies?!


Mister Duck said:

Beats me. Probably because they're bastards that want to go to hell, that's the only valid reason to hunt those cute little duckies.


Elementrat said:

Gamers everywhere should revolt and form an anti-duck killing union to protest the unfair treatment of our beloved, water loving bird friends.


Duck said:

No! My brother! He just shot my brother!


Stuart said:

Ducks are cute to look at, but no meaness intended, they do taste good too!


Yo said:

You've seen the attachments for Wii Sports, right? The tennis racquet, golf club, etc. My opinion is that they are pretty dorky and unnecessary. However, how cool would it be if they included a "gun" attachment like Monster Truck Madness including a steering wheel? Drop in your Wiimote, have a trigger that activates the be button and you're back in 1984 shooting ducks.


DucKiller said:

Duck hunting is one of the most fun things to. I love shooting ducks, the more the better. Quack Quack! Love that sound in the morning.


adill said:

Is there just a target shoot game- no animals- targets?

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