Ultimate Duck Hunting

Published by Detn8, Developed by Detn8

Genres: Shooting (2 players)

US release date: Dec 3rd, 2007 | EU release date: -

Ultimate Duck Hunting

Ultimate Duck Hunting is a realistic hunting simulation that features both shooting and retrieving. Choose your dog (yellow, chocolate, or black Labrador retriever) and train him to respond to your commands, all controlled by player motions using the Wii Remote. Gear up with name-brand guns, camouflage, and decoys - then it's off into the wilderness to set up decoys, use duck calls, and ultimately become a crack shot using the Wii Remote to aim and fire at tough-to-down mallard, hen, black, and teal ducks.

"The Wii Remote plays a major role in Ultimate Duck Hunting," says Jeff Hill, VP at Detn8 Games. "Obviously, it's the perfect device for aim-and-shoot - and commanding your dog with Wii Remote motion adds to the immersion in the simulation."

Ultimate Duck Hunting features four modes of play: Single Hunt where you score points by shooting a required number of ducks, Career Mode in which you hunt over several seasons, create your own hunter and dog, and improve your dog by earning points, Multi-player Mode where two players compete head-to-head on a split screen, and Training Mode, a mini-game for training your dog.

Players hunt and retrieve ducks in six environments, including Stuttgart (Arkansas), Oacoma (South Dakota), Oak Island (Minnesota), Old Harbor (Alaska), Coldwater (Mississippi), and Halifax (Virginia).

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User comments


boon said:

I can't wait for this to come ought but they should make it so high scores are automatically posted on the internet.


wheez said:

It's like the original duck hunt, but with a new twist. You use the new gun connection thing and shoot with that like a light gun. But you can't hit the dog, or it explodes and brains shoot across the screen, so you miss all the ducks.


Quartz said:

Poor ducks.


Zendalf said:

This looks pretty cool actually.


Master Foot said:

The dog has bulletproof fur, so it's ok.


i love wii said:

I've heard of Duck Hunt for the NES but this is better.


ZZwii$xboxZZ said:

Wasn't this a terrible game for pc?


jojo said:

Sounds pretty cool. Might have bad graphics but kind of sweet gameplay. I hope it's free roaming though, if not it will be ruined.


Susan said:

The Wii is the first video game I have ever played and I love the Crossbow Training, but I need a new game. Is Duck Hunting complicated or can an old broad figure it out?


Wiipaw said:

Do you mean this game Susan? Because I think it is a bit too complicated myself. Try more games made by Nintendo. (Wii Play, Wii Fit, Super Mario Galaxy, ect .(you can check the back for the red Nintendo logo)) Post more comments on games you think you'd like. Good to hear from a non-gamer.


Jon said:

Unfortunately, this game doesn't live up to its hype. The gun makes no noise, yet the ducks make the same loud, irritating sound over and over again. And once you actually hit a duck, you spend so much time directing the dog to retrieve the duck, you really don't care to shoot many more. You'll have more fun with the Crossbow Trainer than you'll ever have with this game.


nole said:

Can you use the Wii shotgun for this game?


The Lord said:

There's a.. Wii.. Shotgun? And no one told me? Where can I buy it?


rifle said:

Yeah. If there is a shotgun, where can I get it? Buck hunter is coming out soon.


VicTon said:

I bought this game. Worst mistake in my life.


Chris said:

Buck hunter is coming out soon? Finally a good two player arcade style hunter game for my Wii.


jessi said:

The shotgun can be found at shopko for sure, but I believe most walmarts carry them also.

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