Wario frames his lost TNA avatar

Wario frames his lost TNA avatar

Box arts are like buses. You wait, and then five show up at once. Yea.

Badboy Wario makes another showing on the Wii, this time in a side-scrolling 2D platformer with added motions, Wario Land: Shake it.

This is Fatal Frame IV, some kind of spooky adventure fresh out of Japan.

WILSON! I'M SORRY! ;_;. Lost in Blue: Shipwrecked lands you on a desert isle. Do you settle down for the long term or escape?

TNA iMPACT. Better buy this, dude on the cover looks angry.

Avatar: Into the Inferno. Angry bald Aang and his endless string of mediocre games.

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YoshLee said:

Hmm for some weird reason that thing Wario's shaking reminds me of Sonic.


Captain Jamesman said:

Oh sweet! They're going to release Wario Land in the US. Awesome.


Luwiigi said:

YoshLee, it's the boots.


doglover said:

The Wario reminds me of the intro to shadow the hedgehog where he hits one of the enemies while in the air by doing the splits and slamming his fists down.


Sonic Phantom said:

Hmm, I never noticed that, doglover. Oh, and the guy on the cover on TNA is Kurt Angle, who use to be in the WWE.


YoshLee said:

Yea that's probably it Luwiigi.


Diddy Kong Lover said:

Wario Land and Fatal Frame, these are the stuff baby, what the heck is Lost in Blue about?


Nintendoof said:

I thought Wario Land would fit better as a Wiiware title. But that's nice too.

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