Come stay at the Wiistin

Come stay at the Wiistin

Westin Hotels has cut a deal with Nintendo to get a custom version of the Wii console intended for use by their guests.

These special Wiis are designed for a hotel environment and make for an easier user experience since there is no need for disc-swapping. They will be used in ten hotels across the US as part of the WestinWORKOUT program, challenging players physically and mentally in games like:

Westin will also be among the first hotel chains to obtain Wii Fit on its release later this month.

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Wii Rox said:

Wii is r34ly g0in plac3s lulz.


Wiipaw said:

Will people have to pay to play? I once was in a hotel with that kind of set up, and it sucked.


YoshLee said:

Man I've got to find one one of those hotels.


Crimson Fang said:

But discs are half the fun! They're so versatile! Frisbees, plates, rims. Oh, and games of course.


Dan said:

It will be the only pay to play that doesn't suck, that is if you have to pay.


Diddy Kong Lover said:

I remember once playing an N64 in this kind of setup, it was fun but missing something. I'd rather play it at home on a couch instead of in a hotel.

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Nova said:

Kind of sounds like the n64 hotel edition.

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