Deadly Creatures a Wii exclusive

Deadly Creatures a Wii exclusive

THQ have gone and announced a new action thriller game which is heading exclusively to the Wii.

Titled Deadly Creatures, it puts the player in control of an armored scorpion and a fearsome tarantula. They have to navigate a desert environment pitted against an array of deadly foes, including black widows, tarantula wasps and humans.

A director at THQ, Randy Shoemaker commented:

"Deadly Creatures is an amazingly innovative game concept and exemplifies THQ's commitment to creating original new IPs for the Wii platform. With Deadly Creatures, we are raising the bar for all 3rd party Wii titles and focusing on deep, compelling gameplay for a largely untapped audience. But mostly I like making shoes".

The game is said to make full use of the Wiimote and its motion sensing capabilities. Deadly Creatures is due out sometime this year.

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TruBlu said:

Heehee, I caught Wii's World's little joke.


ToTaLgAmEr said:



ksa kid said:



Randolph the Grey said:

I like making shoes? Weird. But the game sounds cool. Lord knows the Wii needs good exclusive games. I love the Wii.


Diddy Kong Lover said:

Sounds good, but could be crap. Remember this is THQ, they haven't made a good game since Wrestlemanina games for N64.


Nintendoof said:

Do you have to kill?

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