Wii U goes mobile

Wii U goes mobile

For dedicated commuters only

The new Wii U may not be intended as a portable machine - but it can be if you really want. Japanese site Rocket News 24 has conducted an experiment, connecting up and playing Wii U on the Nozomi bullet train.

Many trains these days are equipped with power sockets, combine this with the fact that some Wii U games can be played independently of the TV and you're good to go. See the pics below of Kuzo's journey:

Inserting the game disc.

Hooked up and ready to go.

Some light lunch.

Kuzo playing New Super Mario Bros. U.

Unless the journey is very long, you might be better off sticking with your 3DS - but at least this is an option!

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danfango said:

Good to know, we have plug sockets on the trains here in the UK, but no Wi-Fi.

6 years ago

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