Wii got Worms

Wii got Worms

Wormy funsters THQ have announced an exclusive new game in the works for Wii, Worms: A Space Oddity.

The game will feature a mix of classic Worms gameplay and some new style single player campaigns, along with multiplayer options that include brand new party games.

As the title suggests, the visual theme will be sci-fi orientated, with environmental settings and customization options never seen before. The action will take place on one of six planets, up to four players can do battle through online play.

The Wiimote will play its part through some gesture-based controls. Expect Worms: A Space Oddity to hit Wii in 2008. Sounds promising.

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Zenda said:

I want Worms for 1500 Wii points in WiiWare, rather pay 500 kronors for this.


Keranu said:

Nice to see Worms on Wii, I think it's a good match.


Scooby Jew said:

Awesome awesome awesome. I loved Worms: World Party, I can't wait to see how this one turns out and if they kept the original items in or not. God, the Wii just gets more and more anticipated even though it's already out. Sorry, Sony and Microsoft. Wii actually deserves the anticipation.


Elebot said:

I always enjoy a game of Worms. Super Sheep away.


Master Foot said:

I had worms once if you know what I mean.


bill cosby jr said:

Worms? I don't like worms a gu gu gu.


Quartz said:

Worms on Wii. Gawd, finally! This will pwn.


divinity boy said:

Looks cool.


world wide wii said:

You from norway Zenda?


Nintendoof said:

Worm *wriggle wriggle*.


Viva Las Wii said:

I've actually been dreaming of this. I always loved worms, even when they went 3D, I hope this ROCKS.


DKX900 said:

Hooray! Worms is back. I'd be interested to see how they link the 3D world of the Wii Remote with the 2D world of Worms.


Rules said:

War Game + Wiimote = Awesome.

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Cody said:

I want a new 2D version. 3D Worms is HARD! I've played Space Oddity, Worms 3D, and Worms Forts, and didn't like any of them. I want Armageddon and World Party to come out on the Wii.

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