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Genres: Party (1-4 players)

US release date: Apr 3rd, 2014 | EU release date: Feb 27th, 2014

Prices: $$4.99 (US) | £3.99 (UK) | €4.43 (EUR)


With EVOFISH, conquer the vast ocean, evolve from prey to predator and reach the top of the food-chain. Feed from the weaks and become the most fearsome predator of this hostile environment.

In solo or multiplayer modes enjoy an arcade game with a simple yet efficient gameplay, and try and survive more and more ferocious enemies. Play with your friends in any of the 3 multiplayer modes (from 2 to 5 players), fight or collaborate to become the master of the great ocean.

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I'll admit, when I grabbed Evofish from the eShop, I was excited. I remember playing a game in my elementary school's computer lab that involved creating a fish and trying to survive in the Great Barrier Reef with it, earning points to "evolve" your fish, making it faster,...read full review

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