Swords & Soldiers HD

Published by Two Tribes, Developed by Ronimo

Genres: Strategy (1-2 players)

US release date: May 22nd, 2014 | EU release date: May 22nd, 2014

Prices: $2.99 (US) | £2.69 (UK) | €2.99 (EUR)

Swords & Soldiers HD

This is remake of the WiiWare edition of Swords & Soldiers... souped up and fine-tuned for the high definition era!

The funniest action-strategy game you'll ever play! Command an army of Vikings in their quest to create the ultimate BBQ sauce, lead the Aztecs in defense of the Holy Pepper, and build an array of explosive Chinese toys! Build your own forces and defeat your foes using berserkers, dart blowers, giant boulders, ninja monkeys (yes ? ninja monkeys!) and many more!

Fight through three epic campaigns in high definition, filled with unique challenges and hilarious characters that will keep you entertained for hours. Play with touch controls on the Wii U GamePad or use a Wii Remote to battle on the television. Enjoy more action in the fully customizable Skirmish mode, or wage war in a multiplayer mode that combines the television and the Wii U GamePad!

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Swords & Soldiers HD is a side-scrolling real-time strategy game in the vein of a Saturday morning cartoon. It offers a mixed bag of fun and camp rolled all into one and makes sure not to take itself too seriously. Three factions are playable: Vikings, Aztecs, and Imperial...read full review

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