5 Spots Party

Published by Cosmonaut, Developed by Cosmonaut

Genres: Party

US release date: Jul 20th, 2009 | EU release date: Jul 9th, 2009

Price: 500 points

5 Spots Party

5 Spots Party is based on a successful "Casual" game that reached number 1 in sales for three weeks on the RealArcade game site.

This development for Nintendo has placed special emphasis on playability through the Wii Remote, and a special mode was added for this platform that enables up to 4 players to compete.

The game is based on the popular pastime of finding differences between two photos. There are three different modes and different playing options for one or more players.


The most relevant game features, which make 5 Spots Party so exceptional and addictive, are the following:

  • For All Ages. Everyone can play. It is fun to play alone or in a group.
  • Fun Photos. The photos are funny and varied, and the players can enjoy their content.
  • Surprising mistakes. We have worked with over 6 different types of errors (shape, size, colour, arrangement, existence and distortion), and we have designed different difficulties. Many of the mistakes used boost the original photo.
  • Number of Photos. The game consists of over 300 photographs of different subjects and types. From landscapes to drawings, as well as everyday shapes or scenes, the variety of the subjects has been a key point in the development of the game.
  • Number of Mistakes. We have worked very hard to ensure a very long playing time and with very little repetition. To do so, we created special algorithms that make it nearly impossible to repeat the same differences in the same photo. The game includes 333 photos and, although we show just 5 differences in each one, internally we have developed up to 10 different mistakes that are displayed on-screen in very different ways.
  • Simplicity. The player controls the game in just a few seconds. We have also designed a variety of features to boost playability. For example, the mistakes can be selected in either the left or right photo, the double cursor was enabled to make it easier to highlight the mistakes, and player aids have been implemented, such as controller vibration when the players are near mistakes.

Can you spot the differences in time?

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